• Ivica Profaca

Feel and Taste Split

Small things make a city. They make it unique, and make its citizens love it. It's a reason good enough to make visitors discover all those things which will allow them to love some place in a way those who live there love it. Split has Diocletian's Palace, it has Marjan, beautiful sea and coast, it has history. Thus, people who live at the spot so strongly filled with heritage become part of the same heritage, and heritage becomes part of your everyday life. But there is more. If there is anything worth of being considered as the foundation of Split daily life, it's city green market and fish market. Or, as any local would call it, pazar (pron. similar as bazaar, but with the "p") and peškarija (pron. peshkahrya, similar to Italian pescheria). Those two city spots have almost sacred importance in the Split's collective life. Maybe you will find cheaper food in supermarkets, possibly even more diverse, but buying it there will left out an element so important to experience spirit of Split or any other Mediterranean city - a personal contact. That's exactly why those two places are so important for Split inhabitants. And also important to discover the sheer essence of Split as a city. Opportunity to buy fresh and natural food at peškarija and pazar is added value, bonus. After all, there are other places you can do the same, even better. What you can do only there is to have your "own" salesperson that will know you by name and always have a piece "just for you". What you can do only there is to meet friends, exchange all the novices, or at least find out what she or he is cooking today. What you can do only there is to breath with this city. If you can trust me, here's a classic Split ritual, usually on Saturdays, but also on any other day when you are free. Pass through pazar, stroll around its stalls, and see what is offered of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Next stop is peškarija, old Split fish market, with a treasure of the Adriatic right there, at the hand. Listen sounds around you, feel savour and flavour of Dalmatia and Mediterranean. Afterwards, find your new favourite cafe, and sip a coffee surounded by locals. There is no better way of introduction to Split, of all those things that present life beyond monuments and attractions. City is made of simple, everyday things. City is best felt same as its inhabitants feel it.

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